About ShayLRoss (Shay)

There’s a lot of things that come to mind that I could possibly put down here but the majority of it I will keep contained in my head. I’m a person who gets curious about many things unrelated to one another and I have a habit of searching for answers for a long period of time. I like people who are happy because it makes me happy, unless they’re happy for something I strong dislike. I like coffee. A lot.

More to come? Yes, probably.

Otherwise, I did compile a list of things to accomplish in the next, say… 5 years?

1) Go back to grad school and earn a Master’s in Library Science. I really want to be a librarian. Kind of hardcore, yeah?

2) Live in a sweet place, whether I have to rent an apartment for awhile or somehow manage to find a house I want.

3) Get a actual decent and beneficial job for the time being. Not an hourly job with high school kids or retired folks. Not a job that involves constant and consistent repetition. Not a job where my managers’ must leave to bail their daughter out of jail (in times more than one).

4) Meet some professional athletes. Namely, players from Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins. Although, if I had to step it up and meet players from other teams, I would probably be almost as happy.

5) Volunteer. A lot. I love helping people and I love being there for people. I love adults and children. I like making a difference, even in the smallest way.

6) Buy my mother something wonderful. I’m not sure what it is yet, but hopefully I can do this soon. She deserves it.

7) Return to a former passion and make art. Drawing, painting, craft, just something. And a lot of it.

Please also check out my other blog which talks about my adventures in LibraryLand 🙂 http://booknerdpower.wordpress.com/

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