Restart. And Go Time.

Time to hit the refresh button with this one here.

The intention of this particular blog is purely personal with no specific theme or topic. It will be totally and completely random, which I am hoping will also be equally interesting. I have a lot of interests and things I’m fascinated by with a strong need to explore those thoughts in an outwardly manner. That is, not just sitting in front of a computer and dillydallying away about this and that. As you can also see by the name, I also have an inexplicable love for Batman that sort of developed over time and out of nowhere. Doesn’t really make much sense, right? We can leave it at that. Batman really has nothing to do with anything here, but I figured I should point that out now, rather than later. You know, avoid potential confusion.

I went to college, graduated said college and moved to the big city in hopes for an exciting life. It’s been almost two years since the move, so how’s my exciting city life now? Well, it’s doing a lot better than a year ago so I like to think I’m making some progress. This blog will be my motivation to explore, create and discover what I can, so I can share with you guys. So bear with me as I start as a total blog noob (look, internet lingo!) and hopefully develop this into a sensible, reasonable, achievable story about life and what it has to offer. Bottom Line: I’m going to do stuff, tell you that I did that stuff, and hope that you share back with me the stuff you did.

Let’s be friends. Through the internet! And blogs! And other forms of social media!

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